Natural Ways of Removing Nail Polish

Natural Ways of Removing Nail Polish

Are you a frequent user of nail polish remover? If so, have you ever considered the chemicals involved in it?

Conventional nail polish removers are made with acetone and other dangerous chemicals that can weaken your nails. They also contain organic solvents that can be harmful for your skin.

So try some natural ways to remove nail polish. They are cheap, eco-friendly and safe to use. Natural methods may take a little longer than the conventional methods and may require more effort. But, they don’t contain any chemicals that can cause harm to your nail or skin.

Here are some natural ingredients that can be put together to remove nail polish:

Vinegar and Lemon/Orange Juice Mix

Vinegar is an acid that functions as a natural cleaner. It helps strip away nail polish. Juice from a citrus fruit like lemon or orange may provide added effect to it.

Pour 1 tablespoon of white vinegar into a small bowl and add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or orange juice to it. Mix them well together. Soak the nails in warm water for 5-10 minutes to soften the nail polish. Then dip a cotton ball into the mixture and rub on the nails gently. You will be able to eliminate all the traces of the nail polish by spending 10-20 seconds on each nail.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a natural substance that can also be used to remove nail polish. It is a very good disinfectant as well.

Soak a cotton ball in alcohol and rub on each nail. Although it may take few attempts to remove the nail polish completely, it just works well.

Even though rubbing alcohol is topically used, it should be used with extreme caution because it is flammable and can be toxic when inhaled.

Warm Water

Take some warm water in a bowl and immerse your fingers in it for 20-25 minutes. Once the nail polish softens, take the fingers out and gently scrape the nail polish off with the dry piece of cloth.

The water must be in a temperature you can tolerate. Therefore, do remember to test the temperature of the water before you put in your fingers into it.

You may also use Toothpaste, Perfume, hairspray or new nail polish to remove the old nail polish.

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